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The request was initiated by Johan Erasmus & Musa Zanempi via email on 29 June 2017:

Louis has referred me to your department with regards to above enquiry.  Due to the restructuring process everything that has to do with Branding (emails included) has moved to Theo’s department: Marketing and Student Recruitment.  Hope you can help me.
Jannie has asked me enquire about a link at the bottom of every email (GroupWise) “Rate our service”.  Please see attached an example from WITS University.
We would like to discuss the possibility with you of incorporating it into the NWU, and the practical implications thereof – process flow.  This is to ensure quality service across the three sites of the NWU.


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Project Discussion One Response to Rate our Service-link in GroupWise

  1. 01 Aug 2017: The request was referred to Clement (corporate owner). IT is already in discussions with him, and the requests will have to be coordinated from his office.

    August 4, 2017 at 9:56 am

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