Computer program for Occupational Health purposes

Project Description

The request was initiated by Lee-Ann de Wet on 22 Oct 2018.

As per our telephonic conversation Occupational Health would highly benefit from a computer program where all our patient and Occupational health  information can be captured.
We must be able to open a file for an employee and  insert relevant information in sub folders/files for example:
Medical surveillance like a lung function or Vision test.
Health evaluation
Injury on duty cases
Primary Health care visits where we can add a diagnoses and any medication that was distributed
Chronic conditions and there  medication
When the employee already has a file – you just add information from other visits.
We must be able to archive employees that resign so that their information is still available but not under current patient list.
Most important is Patient privacy – the program must only be accessible to Occupational Health practitioners.
We must also be able to generate statistics from the information at the end of each month.
We need to created a data base for Occupational Health as this is a continues service and all information needs to be available for comparison purposes.
There is no set time line for this request and your assistance when possible will be appreciated.


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Project Discussion 2 Responses to Computer program for Occupational Health purposes

  1. Various discussion followed with stkeholder
    Report compiled and send to department
    Awaiting feedback on department alignment of requirements and way forward & priority

    August 17, 2020 at 2:50 pm
  2. 06 Nov 2018: The meeting proposed that BSS interview the requester to determine their needs.

    November 6, 2018 at 10:06 am

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