Development of an online system for student lecturer evaluation

Project Description

The request for the development of an online system for student lecturer evaluation was done via the CTL Academic and Professional Development office.

The need for a university-wide new lecturer evaluation process in the form of an online evaluation
system at the NWU exists. This is one of the core elements in measuring the performance of the
Institution which has to be reported to the DHET.

The new survey template has already been developed and accepted.
The outcome of the new lecturer evaluation is an overall composed NWU Institutional report for all
faculties and in more detail, the following information is needed:
Reports of the lecturer evaluation per:

  • faculty;
  • school;
  •  subject group;
  • lecturer.


Project Progress


Project Timing

  • Start
    Oct 17 2017
  • End
    Jun 29 2018

10/17/2017 06/29/2018


Overall Project Completion

  • 20%
  • 60%


  • 40%
  • 80%

1. Kick of meetings Complete 100% Tasks 3 / 3


Determine the scope of the project



3 of 3 completedTasks

  • First quick-off meeting is 17/10/2017
  • Meeting with OpenCollab 24/10 for the development of the system
  • Meeting with OpenCollab, CLT and IT 11/01/2018: The quotation is discussed and CTL will give the final go ahead in the week to come.

2. Phase 1 - POC of the Survey part online Complete 70% Tasks 2 / 4


After I discussed the architecture with the architects and BSS, I stopped the development of the Survey part.

I selected Survey Analytics to develop the survey.

Together with CTL (Verona Leendertz) we plan to  POC this survey with a group of students from VTC.  The Survey will be done from 9-20 April 2018

2 of 4 completedTasks

  • Development of the Full Time Survey (English)
  • Branding of the Survey
  • Actual POC (9 April)

3. Phase 2 Lecturer evaluation for 1st Semester Complete 4% Tasks 0 / 3


After the POC, we will develop all of the survey’s (Full-time and Distance) in Survey Analytics to be available from 1 May 2018

In the meantime we will meet with OC for the development of the Dashboard and Reporting.  After the POC I will be able to give them the raw data.

0 of 3 completedTasks

  • Development and branding of the other 3 survey's
  • Meeting with OC regarding the Dashboard and Reporting
  • Import of Lecture / Module data into Survey Analytics (Will use data from eFundi)