Office 365 for Students/Staff Software provisioning

Project Description

Request was initiated by Boeta Pretorius

Discussions to include the Legal Office & Registrar.  It is very important to follow the TOGAF framework in this project.


Project Descriptors

1        WHAT – The data description

  • Description of the new request
  • Implementation of Office 365 for students and staff offering them free access to Microsoft

applications and cloud storage space.

  • Define any pre-requisites for the request
  • The legal department needs to clear the sharing of staff and student information with a 3rd party under the POPI act.
  • and domains need to be registerd under the exisiting NWU Microsoft tenant.
  • Physical infrastructure needs to be setup in terms of servers for the NWU to communicate with Microsoft securly.


2        HOW – The function description

  • What does the new request entail:
    • Office 365 for students and staff giving them access to Microsoft applications and cloud storage.
    • This will extend our current application and services offering to students and staff.
    • Changes need to take place in terms of AD syncronization.
    • New development required?
      • Internal development in terms of our CAS enviroment.
    • Brief overview of Infrastructure requirements
  • 2 x ADFS Server
  • 2x Dsync server

3        WHERE – The Network description

  • Which campus or campuses are affected by implementation of the request?

– All three campuses are affected with this new service offering.

  • Description of other geographical locations affected by the implementation of the request

– None

  • External entities that form part of the process once the request is completed

– Microsoft

4        WHO – The people description

  • Define the groups or business units from NWU
    • to whom the new request will provide a service
  • All Staff and Students across all three campuses.


  • involved in the implementation and support of the request

– ITC (Middleware, AOS, Systems, Infrastructure)

  • Define the groups or business units from external parties
    • that will be involved in the service

– Microsoft (Licensing)

  • involved in the implementation and support of the request

– None

5        WHEN – The time description

  • Describe factors that determine the timely completion of the request
  • Availibility of resources (Staff and Infrastructure)
  • Abbility to get services comunicating correctly.
  • List relations to other projects that may impact the timely implementation of this request
  • List cycles or events that impacts request completion date (Ex yearend, tax season, registration)

6        WHY – The motivation description

  • What are the benefits to NWU for implementation of the request?
  • Access to software that previosly would have cost the user money.
  • Access to cloud storage at size not availible to indeviduals at no cost.


  • How does the request align with current NWU strategies?
  • List the elements of the ITC 3 year strategic plan supported by this request

Project Progress


Project Timing

  • Start
    May 07 2015
  • End
    Oct 12 2015

05/07/2015 10/12/2015


Overall Project Completion

  • 20%
  • 60%


  • 40%
  • 80%

Project Discussion One Response to Office 365 for Students/Staff Software provisioning

  1. The project has been finalized and all services for students have been provisioned and made available.
    Staff has also been provisioned and services are available to them as well.
    Services for staff and students differ and details are available on the IT-Home website.

    October 22, 2015 at 9:50 am

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