Electronic filing system for P&C (BSS)

Project Description

The request was initiated by July Nyambi on 30 Jan 2018:

Project Electronic Filling System

Table of Contents:

  1. Document Control 1
  2. Project Description. 1
  3. Main system Functionality. 1
  4. The Network description. 1
  5. The people description. 2
  6. The time description. 2
  7. The motivation description. 2
  8. Elements of the Strategy that are aligned to the request. 2

1.  Document Control

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2.  Project Description

  • NWU has approximately +- 7 500 employees (permanent, fixed term and temporary staff).  There is a need to store supporting documents like ID, qualifications and other important information for our employees.
  • Electronic filing system whereby documents can be uploaded (on OnBase) and made available to other users;
  • Currently Data Retrieval and Sharing is a challenge Electronic Systems and the People
  • Security and Other Issues.

3.  Main system Functionality

Our P&C employees loses now over more hours looking for misplaced documents and emails on their computer and over 95% of the data receive is in electronic form. We need to create paperless office and is a difficult challenge when we done have electronic directory and electronic filing system.


The employee must able to store information like Identity documents, contracts, qualifications etc. and must able to retrieve it from the system. This can be done OnBase.

4.  The Network description

The system should be accessible in all different campuses (Vaal, Mafikeng and Potchefstroom) for our P&C operations team responsible. Access rights should be control who can save, update, retrieve etc.


5.  The people description

P&C operations team will have access to this systems. We will identify users and their rights on the system.


6.  The time description

The system must able to store and, retrieve documents without issues


7.  The motivation description

Electronic Filing means keeping documents in a safe place and being able to find them easily and quickly. Documents that are cared for will not easily tear, get lost or dirty. A filing system is the central record-keeping system for an organisation. It helps operations team to be organised, systematic, efficient and transparent.

Speedy retrieval of information. With documents and information stored on OnBase , the organization immediately benefits from what electronic document management system provide. Improved efficiency, including tracking of modifications made to the documents,


8.  Elements of the Strategy that are aligned to the request.

APP GOAL 1.5 To sustain and provide professional services to the community whilst supporting and seeking opportunities to create third stream income for the university

APP GOAL 4.3 Provide access to cutting edge and relevant resources and services to fulfil academic expectations of its user communities in a professional, creative, and innovative manner


For the institution to achieve the above goals we require Human Resources .One of the critical enablers is  sound Human Resource Management Systems, for now record keeping has been identified as a huge gap /risk that can be mitigated and dealt with fairly easily and quickly .

As indicated currently the HR Practitioners are relying on various sources of information to obtain records. They find this process very time consuming, duplicate of efforts and tedious.


The objective is to explore the possibility of introducing a central record keeping system (filling) which is    linked to other systems where information can be submitted and retrieved. This will alleviate the duplication of efforts and save time .Thus contributing to efficiency and effectiveness.


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