Event Management System (with the focus on Conference Management)

Project Description

(21/05) – SAAHE used the COD installation for their conference to register, submit abstracts and do EFT payments. The registration and abstract submission process worked reasonably well. (But for the payment process a NWU financial policy required the registrants to complete a pdf form when doing thepayment and this complicated the process to such an extent that they terminated the payment method and continued doing it manually with e-mails.)

(29/02/2016 – meeting with Wilhelm and Adelle) – This project was initiated by the research community when they expressed a need for a system to manage their conferences with. Conference management usually forms a part of an Events management system. Although the focus for this project will be Conference management, it will be essential to continually ensure that the conference management solution that we decide on could ultimately form part of a larger Event management system in the future.

Request was initiated by the Research Community (via Boeta Pretorius).

This is a general request.

Includes conferences (registration, peer reviews, submission of abstracts etc).

There are numerous systems already available (Drupal, open source,  cloud services etc).  It is not a mission critical system and we can use a cloud solution.



Project Progress


Project Timing

  • Start
    Oct 13 2015
  • End
    Jul 15 2017

10/13/2015 07/15/2017


Overall Project Completion

  • 20%
  • 60%


  • 40%
  • 80%

1. Determine the Specifications for the Web Conference Management System Complete 100% Tasks 6 / 6


6 of 6 completedTasks

  • Meeting 1 - Let one of them descripe the whole process from the beginning to the end. (Users and employees that organised conferences in the past)
  • Meeting 2 - Determine the main actions that must be organised, who must do them and when
  • Draw up a flow diagram for the who, what and when for conference management (meeting 2)
  • Create the Specifications Document (that include flow diagram)
  • Get feedback - Paul Grobler
  • Get feedback from stakeholders on above documentation - is it complete

2. Compare available Event/Web Conference Management Systems Complete 100% Tasks 3 / 3


3 of 3 completedTasks

  • Demonstration of Conftool (Juan Steyn) (1 Apr)
  • Clone a event site to add conference distribution on
  • Add distribution on AEGIR site with Consultant

3. Install Drupal COD and configure & test Complete 100% Tasks 10 / 10


10 of 10 completedTasks

  • Install Drupal COD and configure & test
  • Change payment method from CC to EFT
  • Test - Add Conference
  • Test - Add Sessions & Session Tracks
  • Test - Add Rooms
  • Test - Add People and Speakers
  • Test - Send email to people and speakers
  • Test - Create program
  • Test - Registration & payment
  • Test - Orders received? list?

4. Pilot - Drupal COD - Setup & Config - Conference - Ruan Kruger - SAAHE conference Complete 100% Tasks 11 / 12


Abstract submissions on system opened on 2 January.

Further configuration/customization

  • add a disability option with special needs field to user registration form 23/01/2017
  • change abstract submission page – was access denied if user is nog registered – now it also displays an error message with a link to the registration page. 31/01/2017
  • change body info of abstract submission page to info provided by Ruan 12/02/2017
  • create rule to mail abstract submitters that their abstract has been received 12/02/2017
  • change the number of reviewer on abstract/session submission from 1 to 3 (on content type as well as the view for sending out the e-mails) 24/02/2017
  • change the pdf doc that users fill in for invoice to be made out 13/03/2017

11 of 12 completedTasks

  • SAAHE conference singled out for pilot for management of conference
  • First Stakeholder meeting
  • Setup & Configuration
  • * Changes to COD distribution to attempt to comply with Financial Processes of NWU (Orders, prescribed pdf doc, E-mails, Indicate payment on systems)
  • First draft documentation - http://it-project.nwu.ac.za/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Documentation-Conference-Coordinator.docx
  • *.1 Add functionality to Order to provide prescribed PDF that attendees must complete
  • *.2 Customize prescribed PFD for conference
  • *. 3 Clarify the navigation in this new process
  • Stakeholder meetings
  • Further configuration/customization
  • Stakeholder meetings
  • First use (Pilot Implementation)

5. Pilot - Drupal COD - Testing & changes phase - Ruan Kruger - SAAHE conference Complete 100% Tasks 6 / 6


6 of 6 completedTasks

  • Users register to submit abstracts (and user permissions)
  • Submission of Abstracts
  • Create Sessions, Session Tracks, Speakers, Rooms, Schedule, Registration/ Invoicing and payment config (Early-bird etc.)
  • Make Conference site available for SAAHE
  • Conference user registrations
  • Continual config throughout (document)

6. Documentation Complete 100% Tasks 2 / 2


2 of 2 completedTasks

  • *. User role - website registration, Abstract submission & Conference Registration
  • *. Conference Coordinator role - Abstract reviewing, session scheduling, creating products & tickets...

Project Discussion 2 Responses to Event Management System (with the focus on Conference Management)

  1. Adelle will arrange a meeting with Géna and Wilhelm to discuss the risks.

    February 23, 2016 at 12:29 pm
  2. Adelle Lotter will coordinate the investigation, and can launch discussions with Engineering, Marketing and Communication etc; and Optentia and Quest on the Vaal campus (Aldine Oosthuyzen will be part of the investigation).

    November 3, 2015 at 9:22 am

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