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The request was initiated by Wayne Cusens on 07 February 2017

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    Mar 04 2017
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    Nov 06 2017

03/04/2017 11/06/2017


Overall Project Completion

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1. Phase 1 - Deprovisioning Complete 100% Tasks 1 / 1


Date set for the 4th of March.  Inactive GW users on the Potch campus will be removed.


08/03/2017: Deprovisioning did not commence due to unstable storage(03/03/2017).

08/03/2017: A meeting was held and new storage has been made available, Martin and I will add the storage today

10/03/2017:  Storage added and dbcopy started.

13/03/2017: dbcopy completed.  Deprovisioning will commence this weekend

Deprovisioning ran smoothly.  Dates for the other postoffices will be set at a later date. Phase 1 complete

2. Second: IDM and GW upgrade to 2014 Complete 100% Tasks 0 / 0

  1. Date: 8th of April
  2. After 2-3 weeks, provided that GroupWise is running smoothly, then we will proceed with the GroupWise and IDM upgrade one Saturday morning in the holiday’s( 8th April).
  3. IDM will be done first with NetCB and Wimpie.(>2 hours is the estimate)
  4. Then we will proceed to upgrade GroupWise to 2014 and test thoroughly.
  5. All staff and students(that have mailboxes) across all three campuses will be affected.


22/03/2017: the supplier(NetCB) is unable to help the 1st of April, thus the new date is the 8th.


8th and 9th of april:  gw updated to 2014 R2.  Update went smoothly with no hiccups.  tested the client and webmail sites.  no issues.

We even created the virtual servers and a new potch webmail server.

The Identity management update dit not work.  wimpie and hendrik from netcb are still working on the problem and will report as soon as they have news.

21/04/2017: identity management upgrade was also done(10/04/2017)

3. Third: Create virtual servers Complete 95% Tasks 1 / 1

  1. Date: 22nd April
  2. Log a request at infrastructure for two virtual servers equal to the current physical servers of pgw-nlx7(staff) and pgw-nlx5(students) and additional two servers for webmail(one in Potch and another in VTC to be setup according to NetCB recomendation)
  3. The virtual servers must then be setup until fully operational, NetCB will participate.
  4. Full DBcopy of pgw-nlx7(staff) and pgw-nlx5(students) during the week before the weekend of the final GroupWise and IDM upgrade.
  5. Do an incremental Dbcopy the Saturday morning of the upgrade.
  6. Copy the above DBcopy to the new virtual servers.
  7. Ensure that GroupWise is running smoothly and that everything is setup.
  8. Have a plan for rollback.

All staff and students(that have mailboxes) on the PCM campus will be effected


07/04/2017:  We created and installed the OS of 3 virtual servers(2 are for the p-v and 1 new webmail server for potch).  The cron jobs are set to do the dbcopy to the new servers starting the 13th of april.

21/04/2017: dbcopies did not go through properly, martin is on leave and potch kampus was not notified.  I will speak to management and postpone the move 2 weeks.

05/05/2017 dbcopies fixed with a script and running smoothly.  There is an issue with our backup system, Martin and the supplier is working on it. As soon as we have a full backup we will do the move from p-v.

15/05/2017. Full backup of the dbcopies was done last week and the backup tapes are running fine.

15/05/2017 We will not be moving to virtuals until potch gw is stable. Cobus of netcb has charge.

15/05/2017 A trello request was sent to infra last week for a new web server on mfk.  If it doesn’t get approved we will use the old Vaal one. Will follow up today

22/05/2017 Trello request approved and sles11sp4 server was setup.  We will contact netcb to setup webmail.

09/06/2017: netcb hasnt come back to me yet and not responding to my emails, I will phone Cobus on Monday

23/06/09: netcb confirmed that they will get back to me on monday

14/07/2017: netcb are coming to potch for a meeting the 18th of July.

01/09/2017: the project is on hold pending.  1. what storage is gw going to run on.  2. follow up meeting with regards to gw security.  Follow up meeting is on the 5th of Sep

07/09/2017: meeting held.  before any upgrades or moving we will have to do an audit of all the certs, cobus is writing a procedure.

14/10/2017: move completed!!! will monitor for 2 more weeks and then close the project


1 of 1 completedTasks

  • 29/03/2017:Infrastructure did provide us with 3 vitrual pc's

Project Discussion One Response to GroupWise Upgrade

  1. 14 February 2017
    The project team must ensure the following:
    1. The impact will have to be investigated thoroughly;
    2. Change Management will have to receive a LOT of attention;
    3. Dates will have to be discussed (and approved) with all parties involved;
    4. Can the GroupWise server ‘push’ the upgrade on users? Even when not all staff log into Novell?

    February 15, 2017 at 9:56 am

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