Implementation of a Calendar Server for GroupWise

Project Description

The request was initiated by Wayne Cusens on 05 July 2019:

We need to implement a Calendar Server for Groupwise 18 on the NWU network.

Project Progress


Project Timing

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    Jul 09 2019
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    Sep 30 2019

07/09/2019 09/30/2019


Overall Project Completion

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1. Prep work and Installation Complete 100% Tasks 0 / 0



Busy investigating with NetCB to setup a poc on v-pgw-nlx4.

Also extending deadline to end of August.


12/08/2019: Copied the software, downloaded all the certs.

Installed and configured the CalDav software with NetCB. Does not seem to be working.

14/08/2019: Mobility stopped working when we activated ssl. Netcb has fixed this.  Mobility is working, but the CalDav server is still not connecting.  Will follow up with netcb.

30/08/2019: Spent whole afternoon with netcb, the caldav server still does not work.  However, we did get the calendar publishing service going.  Netcb will build a test environment and to figure out whats going on. I extended the deadline a month

05/09/2019: After Lappies spoke to Cobus Burgers, Hendrik got involved.

He, with Kobus reinstalled and rechecked all the settings, the Thunderbird client still does not work.

I asked Eben to test with his apple mac internally and it DID work.

06/09/2019 John of Infra opened up port 10443 for me and Hendrik did test externally from an apple mac and it DID work.

09/09/2019: Eben did confirm that it still is working.  Now we need to add the Carddev for the entire nwu address book.

10/09/2019: The CardDav is part of the caldav install.  Proceeding to test phase

2. tetsing phase Complete 100% Tasks 0 / 0


11/09/2019: Testing is proceeding well. Eben has confirmed that mail, caldav and cardav works. Ciellie has scheduled appointments from her mac. I will be testing from my virtual mac today and ask a few linux users to test aswell.

16/09/2019: Testing is working on mac. Still havent tested on linux pc’s yes.

Going to start writing the MAC procedure today.

17/09/2019: Mac procedure written.

18/09/2019: Mac issue, when scheduling a meeting from the MAC it shifts the time of the meeting ahead by an hour.  However, in groupwise the meeting is scheduled for the correct time.

26/09/2019: The 1 hour issue has been escalated to Microfocus. Their feedback is as follows. “Hello Kobus,

My name is Jeff and I am the GroupWise support engineer assigned to this service request. Thanks for the info and thorough testing on your part! In speaking with Laura Buckley (she says Hi by the way) this is a known but that she has submitted for another South African customer. I have added this SR to the bug and will be refunding you the SR. Please feel free to keep our correspondence open and feel free to contact me at anytime.

I have spoke with the developer and this unfortunately will not make the 18.2 release of GroupWise. They are locking down 18.2 at the moment and that will release sometime next month. He informed me that this is queued to be looked at and fixed sometime after 18.2 releases. Any questions please let me know. Thanks!


I will speak to Lappies on Monday

24/10/2019: spoke to Lappies, we will continue with the rollout, but the project will stay in testing phase.

Will email the procedure to vdk and mfk today.


27/01/2020: Groupwise backend must be upgraded to 18.2 before the caldav server can be upgraded.  This will only happen after registration.  I will arrange a meeting with management to find out if we continue or scrap the project.

The service is also very unreliable and the post office needs to be restarted a few times per week.

3. Training and rollout Complete 100% Tasks 0 / 0


As per the above, GW backend must first be upgraded before we can upgrade the caldav server from 18.1 to 18.2