Implementation of Service Manager for UODL Remote Sites

Project Description

Project 16-48 (POC for a new ticketing system) was completed, and the implementation is the next phase.

This phase of the Service Management project involves the implementation of Microsoft System Center: Service Manager 2016 and the Cireson Analyst Portal.

UODL has been selected as the first department to be added to the system to test the functionality and requirements needed. Only the IT Operations office, UODL support and the UODL remote sites, that is located across the country will be added to the system.

After successful implementation and testing of the system, other departments will be consulted and added to the system.



Project Progress


Project Timing

  • Start
    Sep 01 2017
  • End
    Nov 30 2017

09/01/2017 11/30/2017


Overall Project Completion

  • Request Resources

  • Testing and Sign-off



  • 40%

    Installation and Configuration of Software

  • 80%

    Project Handover


Request Resources


Installation and Configuration of Software


Testing and Sign-off


Project Handover

1. Request Resources Complete 100% Tasks 3 / 3


This phase includes the request, allocation and configuration of the required resources.

3 of 3 completedTasks

  • Formal request for resources
  • Allocation of resources
  • Installation, update and configuration of servers

2. Workshops and Planning Complete 100% Tasks 3 / 3


This phase involves the workshops and planning for tasks to be completed.

3 of 3 completedTasks

  • Workshop with UODL to confirm scope and demo the POC
  • Workshop with BUI and UODL to discuss requirmnets
  • Workshop with BUI to determine timelines and tasks

3. Installation and Configuration of Software Complete 100% Tasks 18 / 18


This phase include the installation and configuration of all the software.

18 of 18 completedTasks

  • Creation of AD groups and add users to groups
  • Installation of SQL Server 2016 Ent for DataWarehouse
  • Installation of SQL Server 2016 Std for Operational Database
  • Installation of Service Manager 2016 on Management Server
  • Installation of Service Manager 2016 on DataWarehouse Management Server
  • Installation of Service Manager 2016 and Cireson Analyst Portal on Secondary Management Server
  • Installation of Orchestrator 2016 on Orchestrator Management Server
  • Create connectors to import AD users
  • Configuration of Cireson Analyst Portal
  • Create Queues, Support Groups, Views, Security Roles, Categories and Notifications
  • Create required SLA's
  • Create CI's for Remote sites
  • Create custom fields for forms
  • Create Service Requests and and Request Offerings
  • Creation of DB to import user accounts from IDM and import into Service Manager
  • Configuration of Orchestrator, related workflows and runbooks
  • Configuration of Reporting and Analytics
  • Initial Testing

4. Testing and Sign-off Complete 100% Tasks 7 / 7


This phase involves the testing of the system, this includes import of users, testing of workflows and testing of reporting.

7 of 7 completedTasks

  • Test AD connector and SQL user data import
  • Test creation of incidents and Service Requests
  • Test workflow to assign requests to correct support group
  • Test adding notes and activies
  • Test transfering to other Analysts and Support Groups
  • Test SLA's and notifications
  • Test reporting and analytics

5. Project Handover Complete 100% Tasks 5 / 5


In this phase the system will be handed over to UODL for testing and ensuring that all requirements has been met.

5 of 5 completedTasks

  • Workshop to demonstrate the system and deliver official documentation.
  • Official implementation of system to UODL support.
  • Workshop on feedback of system and any suggestions or complaints.
  • Developing, Implementation and Testing of changes that need to be made
  • Final sign-off of project

Project Discussion 2 Responses to Implementation of Service Manager for UODL Remote Sites

  1. All the required software has been installed and configured. We are currently busy with the creation of the UserDB on the Data Warehouse to import the properties of users into Service Manager via Orchestrator. In the meantime we will go through the configuration to ensure that everything is according to the requirements.

    October 25, 2017 at 10:03 pm
  2. The contractors will start to install and configure the software on Monday 16 October 2017 and continue on Wednesday 18 October 2017.

    October 13, 2017 at 6:34 pm

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