Investigate integration of PNET with Oracle HR / I-recruitment (BSS)

Project Description

The request was initiated by July Nyambi on 30 Jan 2018:

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2.  Project Description

Looking into linking PNET with Oracle HR or introducing i-Recruitment to decrease the workload of capturers and make the use of PNET easier etc.

3.  Main system Functionality

  • Currently we are using PNet for the recruitment process.  There is no integration with our Oracle core system. We need to partner with IT to investigate the integration and enhance the current Pnet system or implement I-recruitment
  • From requisition management and screening, managing workflow, NWU require an automated communications and approval processes that will lead to a seamless recruitment process. Access accurate and reliable data at every stage of the process, allowing P&C to have access to meaningful data that will assist them in strategic workforce planning ( e.g Talent acquisition and attraction )
  • The idea is to investigate and implement a system that will provide accurate reliable data on every aspect of the recruitment process, including Employment Equity statistics, Time to Hire and Recruitment Performance.
  • The solution must able to alert notifications and proactively notify jobseekers of potential vacancies matching their skill sets.


4.  The Network description

The system should be accessible to anyone on the internet. Access to the candidate resume database should be available only to HR employees working with recruitment.


5.  The people description

P&C operations team will have access to this systems. Candidate must able to register their CV and apply online.


6.  The time description

The system must able to store and, retrieve documents without issues. Provide accurate reliable data on every aspect of the recruitment process, including Employment Equity statistics, Time to Hire etc.


7.  The motivation description

The recruitment process consists of a number of small steps resulting in finding that perfect employee. Refining these small steps and automating of a number of the processes will allows the recruitment process to flow seamlessly.

Integration with existing systems such as payroll and ERP will allows for a streamlined on-boarding process.

Reducing the total time to hire starts with the requisition, track and report on the requisition process. It will enable the recruitment team to deliver the required skills effectively and timeously.


8.  Elements of the Strategy that are aligned to the request.


APP GOAL 1.5 to sustain and provide professional services to the community whilst supporting and seeking opportunities to create third stream income for the university

APP GOAL 4.3 Provide access to cutting edge and relevant resources and services to fulfil academic expectations of its user communities in a professional, creative, and innovative manner



For the institution to achieve the above goals we require Human Resources .One of the critical enablers is  sound Human Resource Management Systems, automated and integrated recruitment process is required to support P&C achieve university strategies.


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