Monitoring system at Internal Audit

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The request was initiated by Madelein van der Merwe on 08 March 2018 per email:

Dear Boeta / Yvette
Wilhelm van Belkum advise me to communicate our project request to you for your IT project committee’s consideration.
Lately in the Internal Audit environment much more focused is placed on developing effective/efficient ways to increase audit coverage by analysing data sets comparing to working with only samples and to be more risk- and result-driven.
The internal audit environment is also expanding their focus to get direct access to data (read-only) which improves the integrity of information they receive and audit without fear of manipulation of data by employees supplying the information
for audits.
Continuous Monitoring by internal auditors is becoming more important – find attached a document in this regard for your attention.
We approach CQS in this regard, as they are currently the providers for an ACL (audit command language) tool that we use to do our own data analysis.  They developed data analysis software to support continuous monitoring by auditors.  ACLT Analytics connects you to any data source, and lets you run sophisticated risk analytics and detect anomalies or patterns that you simply can’t illuminate with any amount of random sampling, spreadsheet ninjutsu or generic business intelligence.  ACL .
Analytics is the industry standard for interactive data analysis and data insight for forensics, accounting and investigations.
We are currently considering buying the software and the relevant modules to assist us to cover various areas, which include:
Account payable; Salaries & Payroll; Human Resources; General Journal; Accounts Payable; Vendor Management; Conflict of interest; Stock and inventory and Accounts Receivable.
CQS GRS Solutions (Pty) Ltd is the sole distributor of ACL software and services throughout Africa. We had discussion with them and they provided us with quotations for the installation of the software and get it up-and-running.  
We are currently considering a “‘roof-of-Acceptance’ offer, which entails an installation of only one module, showing the results of what we can expect, before a full installation.   They promised that is a “plug-in” operation, but at this stage we need your assistance to evaluate their approach and how it will be possible to get access to the HR and Payroll data (module we consider for the test trail) and what the impact will be in terms of IT assistance required.
I will appreciate it if you will please consider our request in good favor.
If you need any additional information please contact me.


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Project Discussion 2 Responses to Monitoring system at Internal Audit

  1. 01 Aug 2017:
    Internal Audit & an external contractor are busy with a POC (including hosting).
    They request a proposal from IT on the best hosting solution (cloud solution vs hosting solution). IT will have to have a recommendation ready after the Council approves the monitoring system. The due date for the implementation of the monitoring system is January 2018.

    August 4, 2017 at 10:36 am
  2. 02 May:
    Beste Madelein

    Die volgende terugvoer vanaf IT se projekbestuur rakende jou versoek vir die implementering van die ACL stelsel:

    Die versoek kompeteer met ‘n hele aantal projekte, en moet ongelukkig in die groter geheel geprioriseer word. Kapasiteit binne IT is onder geweldige druk, veral in infrastruktuur en besigheidstelsel afdelings (BSS in proses om 25% van ons hulpbronne te verloor – 2 nuwe bedankings in die afgelope week). Aan senior bestuur is reeds deurgegee dat kapasiteit beperk is en net bepaalde projekte binne die hanteringsvermoe val en senior bestuur priorisering sal moet doen. DIe eerste-vlak van priorisering vir hierdie versoek lê by Prof Marlene Verhoef. Ons versoek dus dat die projekversoek eers aan die Registrateur voorgelê word vir priorisering binne die groter geheel van al die versoeke reeds vanuit haar portefeulje waarna IT die interne priorisering kan doen.


    May 3, 2017 at 9:42 am

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