Review current card reader solution

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I decided to change the software to Remark

The multichoice cards is re-designed and I want to implement this by 1 August 2018. (Second semester).

The following needs to be done:

The examination divisions have to order the new cards.

Installation and training of the relevant people.


The request was initiated by Gerda Schilling:

07 Nov 2017: Kofax is not the correct solution for the high volume of cards.  IT needs a reliable electronic solution, but there is no available budget.  The cards will have to be aligned over campuses, and the Executive Director: T/L has to approve the recommendation.

Boeta Pretorius & Pieter Enslin will discuss the strategy (and future) with Robert Balfour.

The team investigating possible solutions should include ALL IT divisions and campus IT, UODL, TAG/TALL department and possibly Centre for Student Counselling and Development.



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Project Timing

  • Start
    Mar 01 2018
  • End
    Jun 30 2018

03/01/2018 06/30/2018


Overall Project Completion

  • 25%
  • 75%


  • 50%

1. Software Complete 100% Tasks 5 / 5


Evaluation of new Software:

Remark OMR 2014

The evaluation of this product.
This include the possibility to use the multifunction printers for scanning and the possibility of  no special printing of multi choice cards.

Finish with the investigation  (DECIDED to use this software from the second semester 2018)

Implementation, Installation and Training – July 2016

FormScanner (Opensource)

Look into the possibility to use OpenSource


5 of 5 completedTasks

  • Form Scanner evaluation
  • Remark OMR 2014. Investigation of the product. Building templates and create batches
  • Remark OMR 2014. Test Export data and implementation possibilities (Budget dependant)
  • Installing Remark
  • Training of relevant people

2. Robust scanners Complete 100% Tasks 2 / 2


Investigate the possibility to buy more robust scanners.  (Optical card readers). This normally includes integrated software.

Did have a meeting and demo with CSX.  The optical scanners are still too expensive.

Will  budget for this for faster scanners for next year but still a desktop scanner

2 of 2 completedTasks

  • Meeting CSX
  • Quotations