Rollout of new GroupWise Client

Project Description

The request was initiated by Wayne Cusens on 05 July 2019:

We need to rollout of the new Groupwise 18 Client on Windows PC’s via Novell login script

Project Progress


Project Timing

  • Start
    Jul 09 2019
  • End
    Nov 01 2019

07/09/2019 11/01/2019


Overall Project Completion

  • 20%
  • 60%


  • 40%
  • 80%

1. Planning Complete 100% Tasks 0 / 0


02/09/2019: did get a customisable client from netcb. will starts testes sometime this month.  The Caldav server project is stalling this project.



  1. Groupwise 18.1.1 will be rolled out as it is the latest for Windows.
  2. This is a client side rollout for windows 7-10. The backend has already been updated.
  3. Rollout will be done by
    • novell login script
    • adding the client to the software portal.
    • Pushed from the postoffice

2. Research Complete 100% Tasks 0 / 0



  1. There is no new client for mac or linux
  2. NetCB provided us with an customisable client
  3. Riaan Marx has assigned people from systems to assist in this endeavour.
  4. Once an auto installer has been completed we will update the software portal first and communicate via an @nwu to the staff members about the new client.
  5. The GW client will be installed via login script. Systems will write the script.
  6. When most pc’s are updated we will push from the post office.

3. Building and testing Complete 100% Tasks 0 / 0



  1. Systems has setup a virtual environment in which we will build the custom installer and auto extractor.
  2. ETA 28 Sep.
  3. We will then modify the novell login script for IT-Staff and push the client as a test.
  4. ETA 5 Oct.

24/10/2019: We are struggling to build a silent installer that works well. Systems and Potch kampus is helping build the client.

18/11/2019: Great progress has been made and an automated installer has been successfully built and tested. We will roll out to IT within the week using novell login scripts.  Only the “default views” are still a problem and no automated solution has been found.

Testing was completed end of Nov 2019.  Rollout will commence

4. Communication and Rollout Complete 100% Tasks 0 / 0



  1. Staff will be informed via an @nwu.
  2. The other login scripts will be modified.
  3. ETA 19 Oct
  4. After that the postoffices will be activated to push the client.
  5. ETA 1 Nov

05/12/2019: Client is ready and tests are looking good.  Client has been rolled out on IT’s login script.  No negative feedback.

Gena has updated the IT app webpage with the latest client.

06/12/2019: An @nwu has been sent out to inform the users that they can expect a novell groupwise popup when loging onto novell over the next 3 weeks.

10/12/2019: Popup activated in the login script.

27/01/2020: about 400 GW12 and 14 clients have been upgraded to GW18 via the login script.  no complaints or issues have been reported from the helpdesk’s

18/02/2020: script will be disabled on the 29th of Feb 2020.  We ran the script for almost 3 months.

22/06/2020: we caught all the servers we could with the login script. All other pc’s will have to install via the software portal or call their campus service desk