Sending email & sms messages to all students via the Student System

Project Description

Request initiated by the Registrars Forum (via Jaco-Philip Ellis)

Strategies, business plan, impact and needs will have to be discussed, determined and understood on a business level.


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    Oct 30 2014
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    Sep 30 2015

10/30/2014 09/30/2015


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Project Discussion One Response to Sending email & sms messages to all students via the Student System

  1. As part of PGSMS a framework for sending emails and sms’s were improved and implemented in the SS. Meaning that as part of a specific business process a communication medium as email or sms can be used depending on the type of process. As example: email is implemented in the student monthly account-, result processes, sms is implemented as part of the application and application status process. Email and sms correspondence can be set up in VSS by the user, linked to a student, and sent to the student, audit information is kept for reference.

    Implementation and roll out are now a continuous process and addressed as normal support implementation and enhancements. Roll out addressed by SAS office and Student Support Team.

    October 27, 2015 at 12:06 pm

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