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The request was initiated by Amanda van der Merwe on 24 October 2018.

Dear Prof Marlene

As per your instruction we will be implementing Exclaim as software for the electronic management of both compliance matters and risk management at the NWU.

We had a discussion with Adelle Lotter and Zak van Heerden and it transpired that we need to place the support of the Exlaim software for risk and compliance management on the priority list of IT, in order to ensure that IT can provide the necessary support in terms of the technical and human resource aspects.

We have already completed the necessary documenation for the registration of the project, but we need your approval and recommendation of the project to be placed on record.

As supportive to this, I include extracts from both the Compliance Committee and Combined Assurance Forum on the utilisation of Exclaim:

Compliance Committee dated 5 September 2018:

That the due date for finalising the core legislation on the system for Exclaim was set for 30 September and the feedback report regarding the implementation of the core legislation on the system from Exclaim would be distributed to the Compliance Committee via round robin with a clear cut-off date. Feedback would be provided to the UMC and ARCC meetings in October 2018.

Combined Assurance Forum dated 12 October 2018:

Further noted      That On the 21st of May 2018, CAF noted that the risk and compliance office would liaise with the IT department and Internal Audit to see to the proper integration possibilities of their electronic risk management systems, and if not possible, to determine the business solution to be taken.      That the IT risk management system was not a system that could be integrated with any other system, IT used this system with the permission of the developer but could not make any changes to it.      That the risk and compliance office did a pilot run on the IT risk system with the compliance and teaching and learning clusters. The system was also presented to the Registrar. The system was not a sustainable option and the risk matrix could not be changed to adapt to the current matrix used by the NWU. The system would be too difficult to implement and to integrate with the current risk management process of the NWU.      That a quotation from Exclaim Innovations for their risk module was presented at the meeting. This risk module could be changed to meet the exact requirements of the NWU, that could be used on NWU clusters, departments and risk matrix.      That the request was to only purchase licences for the risk and compliance office to start with the program and to only expand it to all other business processes at a later stage.      That Feedback on the Compliance program purchased from Exclaim Innovations were very positive and therefor the decision to make use of their risk module. They provide an excellent service to the NWU with an outstanding and user friendly product.      That the committee was informed that the Registrar: Prof M Verhoef had purchased the Exlaim license.

Please confirm that you approved the implementation of Exclaim, and that CIGS (software PO – Annamarie de Kock) would be expected, as part of her performance agreement, to see to the implementation of Exclaim risk and compliance software on an urgent basis.

Kind regards



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  1. Ek vra Ryno om net hier comment te maak.

    January 22, 2020 at 3:23 pm
  2. 06 Nov 2018: Adelle Lotter and Shakes Scott will interview Amanda van der Merwe, and coordinate the request. They will also ensure that the request is architect-ed.

    November 6, 2018 at 10:21 am

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